With over 10 years experience in the music industry our management & consultation team will build a package around you whether it's for a single release, E.P release, Album or just a 'straight up' guide to get yourselves noticed.

Our philosophy has always been to guide artists in the right direction, the beginning, middle & end of a journey through helping them deliver a visual product of creativity that puts an artist in front of the crowd.

Our consultancy program offers a huge amount of benefits, these include:

- Music Video Production

- EPK Development

- Artwork / Visual Production

- Product Specialising

- Live Mentoring

- Live Visual Guidence

- Press Release Support

- Live Bookings

- Management

- Release Structure

- Comunity/Fanbase Guidence

- Website Design


Our booking journey has been considered crucial in our artist development program, it's important to know your realistic ideas, aims & targets.

Once we know what you are condiering your idea to be, the aim of where you want to be, the target in which you are expected to be hitting in regards to your idea & aim, and finally the delivery of all three combined.

Our program is structured to give you as much in return for the targets you set yourselves.

Bookings can be a very important part when pitching to promoters, we ensure that your vision will earn you the most respect between the promoter, the venue, the agent & the manager.

We sturcture these down to four simple terms:






LIVE is everything, in order to make a statement and seperate yourselves as a band/solo/artist you need to deliver the live aspect of your show.

We can mentor you through your journey to break those binds within the live industry, although this may take a lot of hard work and a lot of patience, you will 100% make drastic development into your live show, in return gains:

- Interest from industry eyes

- Fans

- Bookings

- Tour Supports

Plus much more...

You write the songs, you choose the songs, you perform the songs, while we sit back and help you structure your set to maintain YOUR 'show', after all you want to be the highlight of the night right?

Our guidence can help you really bring your A game to the stage, not just in development, but all areas LIVE.

11 Park Avenue

Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 1QY

e: info@lumebookings.co.uk

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